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    As the economy continues to tighten, businesses and organizations often become willing to terminate their association membership, as a way of cutting costs.  To more effectively maintain membership and grow the membership during a contracting economy, the association must strengthen its offerings by:

    • Increasing Touch Points without Increasing the Burden on Board Directors and Staff
    • Discovering New Passive Revenue Streams
    • Capturing the Wisdom of its Association Leaders

AwareComm Exclusive Association Benefits

    • Increase Your Membership
    • Keep Your Members By Increasing Your "Value Added"
    • Create Passive Revenue Streams

    Capture Your Intangible Intellectual Assets and Transform Them
    Tangible Software Assets


Increase Your Membership
Accomplish More Touch Points with Less People Power

  • Keep Inquires Warm with "No Inquiry Left Behind":
    • Educational Marketing eMods
    • Online One-to-Many Workshops
    • Automatically Track Every Lead
    • Easy for Prospects and Members to Use
    • All Accessible from the Computer Desktop
  • Enhance your "Word of Mouth" Marketing with:
    • eMods are Interactive and Present Your Message Consistently  
    • eMods are Easy for Your Members to Transfer to Colleagues with a Personal Note
  • Incorporate Low Cost Travel Incentives to Members who Transfer Marketing eMods
  • Expand Beyond Your Website Marketing to include:
    • Desktop Presence for Complete Access to Your Resources
    • Turning Your Website Content into Valuable Educational Marketing eMods (Software)
    • Access to Online Workshops presented by Industry Specialists
  • Automatic CRM Tracking without Cookies or Spyware (Activity Footprint)

Increase the "Added Value" of ALL Your Membership Offerings
While Maintaining Clarity and Distinction of Membership Types

  • Provide Parallel Content-based Social Networks for Full Members and Affiliate Members
    • Design a Core Membership Area Only
    • Attract Industry Experts outside Your Association
    • Distinguish Services provided to Members from Your Affiliates
    • Create Benefits for Both Groups to Better Meet their Objectives
    • Transform Affiliates into Contributing Valued Educational Partners
  • Keep a Pulse on the Board, Membership, and Industry
    • Connecting with Exclusive Bilateral Communication Systems
    • A New Means of Connecting with Members and ALL Stakeholders from the Desktop of their Computers
  • Increase Your Conference Attendance
    • Sustain Interest and Community that Builds and Gains Momentum between Conferences
  • Provide your Associate / Affiliate Members
    • Opportunities for Online Trade Shows and Offline eMods
    • New Avenues for Sponsorship for Your Associate / Affiliate Members  
  • Fortify Your Education / Training / Certification offerings:  
    • Increase Passive Revenue Streams while Providing More Effective Comprehension and Application of the Content
      • Engaging ALL 8 Multiple Intelligences
      • Creating Right Brain / Left Brain Balanced Learning
    • Provide Feedback Self-Assessments for Information Confidence
    • Provide Feedback Certification System with Proven Results
    • Optimize Your Membership's Expertise without Increasing their Time Investment
    • Attract Industry Experts outside your Association with a "win-win-win" for "the expert - the association - your members"
    • Offer Proven Existing eMods with the Lion Share of the Revenue for Your Association
    • Provide Comprehensive Information on New Innovations

Passive Revenue and Capturing Your Intellectual Assets

  • Let Capturing Your Intellectual Assets Create New Passive and Active Revenue Streams
    • Without Burdening Your Existing Board, Membership or Expanding Staff
  • Capture Your Intellectual Assets within Your Staff
    • To Perpetuate the Wisdom Gained
  • Capture Your Intellectual Assets (Wisdom)  of your Most Successful Chairmen and Board Members into eMods
    • Implement Strategic Plans with Less Staff and Time
    • Create Consistency in the Transitioning for Your Board members
    • Reducing the Burden on Your Existing Membership or Staff



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Integrate and Protect
Your Content and Intellectual Assets
of ALL Forms.
All 8 Multiple Intelligences
of Each Learner

Creates Balanced
Right Brain / Left Brain Learning


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