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Re-Thinking Business
Knowing “What
To Do" and 
To Do It"
are as
Different as
Magnetic North and
True North. 

Need to Make a
Course Correction?
Course Correction in
Businesses and

Professional Associations

Requires Examining
Not “What”...But "How."

We all know the "What" of Re-Thinking Business in Today's Uncertain Marketplace:

  • Innovative Low Cost Solutions
  • Creating a Competitive Edge
  • Adding Value for Existing Customers

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We All Know the "What" of
 Converting Ideas, Content and Intellectual Property into
Intellectual Assets...BUT
How Do You Turn Your Intellectual Assets into Cash?

We All Know the "What" of:

  • Cutting Employee Costs Through Innovative Mentoring / Cross Training
  • Converting Customer Support into Customer Care to Keep Existing Customers
  • Creating an Organizational Culture that is Responsive to the Changing Times
  • Providing a Process for Offering Personal Tools for Change in a Changing World
  • Keeping Prospects and Customers Engaged with a New Form of Content-based Social Networking




However, to re-think business is Not “What”.... But “How”...  
How to Implement Your
"What"... your knowledge, ideas and solutions
creating lasting change with lasting results
that are critical to surviving today's economic condition.

The Consistent Problem in the "How" has been due to the
Inability to Overcome Two Major Challenges.

What if ...
Your Ideas Become


1. Current Delivery Methods Do Not
OvercomeLlearning challenges nor 
provide a proven foundation for people to change.

"How people learn is as important as what they learn."
Dr. Richard Jorgensen  

Organizations typically reward the 10% of top achievers in their business, and try to motivate the remaining 90% of employees "to step up to the plate".

Unfortunately, organizations provide the opportunity, but have not had the proven tools to successfully make this change happen. Businesses provide teaching as the solution when learning is the


The fact is, 77% of people today have learning challenges.  A growing
percentage of people today:

  • Can't remember what they saw
  • Can't remember what they heard
  • Can't remember what they read

In addition, the medical profession reports that 9 out of 10 people cannot change, even if their life depended on it, as stated in the medical research article “Change or Die”.

To learn new information is often difficult enough in itself.  To change "HOW we apply" new information when we have previously learned patterns and attitudes is a different story. Thus, the need to unlearn and re-learn is a mandatory part of training that must be addressed.

2. The Inability
to convert your intangible intellectual assets
to a tangible intellectual assets

Exactly what are “Intangible Intellectual Assets”?  They are the "What" behind successful business operations.  Intellectual assets are the wisdom and insight that is found in the top 10% of all stakeholders and needed by the remaining 90%.

Intellectual assets are the accumulated knowledge that allows you to handle crisis by “pulling the rabbit out of the hat” at the 11th hour.  The question is not “IF” you have intellectual assets but how to capture them.

How do you do so in a way that does not burn out your 10% of top talent?

How do you protect them from theft and how do you share the wisdom with others effectively without diluting your strongest resources and disrupting critically needed workflow?

How do you do so in a way that Training and Education are the "transference of knowledge," where wisdom is the "how we apply knowledge"?  This aspect of training will become even more and more important as employees are cut and the need for cross training and pre-training increases.  

How do you do so in a way to reduce costs? Remember, only 20% of the cost of training is materials and  80 % of the cost of training is lost production.

How do you do so in a way that actually increases your asset base?


Become A Strategic ePublished Partner




Let us introduce you to a way of capturing, packaging, protecting, delivering, and tracking your Intellectual Assets,
as software products in your branded "eMod System" that:

  • ePublishes Your Intangible Assets into Tangible Intellectual Assets using the unique eMod technology which is proven to overcome learning challenges
  • Increase Your Base Assets and Reduces Expenses
  • Provides Existing Foundational eMods Proven to "Create Organizational Cultures Responsive to Change"

The Proven eMod System has been creating change in private industry and education since 1989.


Creating Your Tangible Intellectual Assets
With a Foundation for "Creating Organization Culture Responsive to Change"

In reality, "Good Will" is perhaps the most important asset of any company, organization or association:

  • Good Will is the value placed on the creative insight of "a going concern"
  • Good Will is the magic that transforms people, places and things into dynamic income producing entities 
  • Good Will is the foundation of the Organization's Culture

Through a recent release in publishing technology, the wisdom of key people within your organization (intellectual assets) can be:

  • Easily Integrated
  • Packaged / Published
  • Protected Against Piracy
  • Distributed Electronically
  • Measured for Effectiveness
  • Financially Accountable
  • Tracked With CRM Feedback

... as tangible software products that can reduce operating costs and create recurring revenue without diminishing the value of the original intellectual asset.

Knowledge, Ideas and Solutions

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